Our School started education and teaching activities with the name of ‘Physical Education and Sport’ within the scope of the Faculty of Education in 1993, it was founded by the official consent of the Council of Ministerst with the number 95/7515 and date 14.11.1995 and took the name ‘The School of Physical Education and Sport’ within the body of the Rectorship by Turkish Council of High Education with the number 5704 and date 04.04.1996 , and lastly it continues its education and teaching activities by the name ‘Kırkpınar School of Physical Education and Sport’ by the decision of the Council of Ministers number 2005/9552 and date 11/11/2005. Assistant Prof.Dr. İlhan TOKSÖZ took charge as founder Head of Department and Director during the transformation process of our school to the School of Physical Education and Sport and he still continues his duty.  Respectively, Coaching Training Program was opened in 2006, Sport Management and Recreation Programs were opened in 2008, and Second Education programs of  Coaching Training and Sport Management in 2008, and total number of students reached to 538.  


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